Protect safety and promote productivity at each remote site

With Theridion, you can remotely restrict and manage access to:

  • Control and review who accesses which part of which site, and when
  • Manage occupancy levels in line with COVID-19 guidance
  • Trigger alarms and alerts when access is unauthorised.

Now, you have a practical way to gather data to improve productivity and performance at each site.

For example, you can gather data to:

  • Measure and manage footfall, customer flows, queues, and walkaways
  • Check team productivity, including time spent at different parts of the site, break times, start and stop times.

With our world-beating UK partners Paxton, you can upgrade your access system for COVID-19, including:

  • hands free door opening
  • time-based automatic door control.

Integrated access solutions

Our engineers can link your access controls to all other elements you need to monitor at each site, including CCTV and perimeter alarms. From one simple dashboard you can monitor security and performance at each site.


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