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Why should I join together my network of CCTV cameras?

Many businesses and organisations miss out on the full potential of CCTV when only the people on-site can view the footage. In the face of the challenges presented by the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep control of what’s happening at each of your sites.

Theridion gives you the power to view outputs from CCTV cameras and other sensors at any of your sites, from any device, in one simple dashboard.

Why should I use CCTV for remote performance management?

CCTV cameras have traditionally been seen as a security cost rather than central to performance management. The improvement in image quality, combined with cost-effective ways to view camera and sensor outputs remotely, means that it can be a powerful tool to view, evaluate and manage consistent performance across remote sites.

With Theridion’s software, you can from one dashboard click on a map to view what is happening at any part of any of your sites. How are they complying with COVID-19 guidance? What are customer flows like? How is footfall being managed?

When you combine this with your access controls and other sensors, for example to measure entries and exits, occupancy levels and speed of service, you turn your site cameras and sensors into a practical way to manage performance, compliance and security in each of your remote sites. It gives your central and regional managers clear data to manage and improve performance. It offers reassurance and peace of mind that that performance is lived consistently across each site, each shift, all the time.

How much will it cost?

We offer a cost-effective solution for remote management because wherever possible we link together outputs your existing CCTV cameras and sensors. So, when you are managing a range of sites each with its own legacy CCTV cameras, we bring those together for you in one easy to use dashboard. Because you are using your existing equipment capital entry costs are low, and we handle your ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Where do you work?

We look after sites across the UK through our network of specialist engineers. At installation, they visit each of your sites configure and integrate all existing CCTV cameras and other sensors you want to monitor remotely, without disrupting your site’s IT infrastructure. Once your site-wide network is set up, the engineers ensure the resilience of your remote performance management system, including 24/7 monitoring, alerts and helpline and disaster recovery.

Which laws apply to using CCTV?

Are you unsure about where you and your business stand when it comes to CCTV and the law? Take a look at this Quick Guide to CCTV and the Law to find out more.

How do I comply with data regulation?

Take a look here for up-to-date information:
Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice – 12 Principles
Information Commissioner’s Office’s guide to data protection and CCTV

How does Theridion protect data and privacy?

Discover Theridion’s terms and conditions and privacy notices:
Standard terms and conditions of business
Privacy Notice – full version
Privacy Notice – summary

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