How do you know each of your sites is COVID-19 compliant?

For anyone managing multiple sites, ensuring safe and consistent compliance with COVID-19 guidance is challenging.

What if you could use your existing CCTV cameras to check what is happening now at any of your sites, as easily as browsing the web?

Real time, remote reassurance

Whatever sector you work in, COVID-19 compliance has become central to your organisation’s future. Now, with Theridion, you can check footage from any camera in any of your sites, from any device.

Manage performance remotely as you adapt

All multi-site organisations, from bars and restaurants to shops and schools, have re-designed at speed for COVID-19.

Now, you can check how well this is working in each of your sites, and use CCTV to address key questions, including:

  • Are my teams following safety and hygiene guidance consistently?
  • How well are we managing demand, queues and customer flows?
  • Is social distancing being encouraged and enforced?
  • How many customers walk away from our queues?
  • How can we improve COVID-19 compliance and performance at each site?

Gain reassurance on local COVID-19 compliance

Download our map of how remote monitoring can help you to:

  • Protect your customers and staff at each stage of the customer journey
  • Check and improve your compliance with COVID-19 guidance
  • Manage demand, queues and customer flows
  • Improve your organisation’s performance as you adapt to the new way of working.

Managing COVID compliance remotely

Managing COVID compliance across industries


Supermarket and retail

For example, remotely monitor:

  • External queues, walkaways and footfall
  • Overall occupancy, pinchpoints and one-way flows
  • Demand management and customer flows within store
  • Speed of service at checkout.


For example, remotely monitor how well your people are:

  • Carrying out regular cleaning, especially of surfaces touched regularly
  • Social distancing and encouraging customers to socially distance
  • Using cleaning procedures for goods entering the site
  • Ensuring that hand-sanitiser is regularly checked and replenished.

Logistics and warehousing

For example, remotely monitor how well your people are:

  • Maintaining social distancing from arrival to departure
  • Encouraging drivers to stay in their vehicles
  • Ensuring that where possible, single people load and unload, or worked in fixed teams.

Industry and agriculture

For example, remotely monitor how well your people are:

  • Staggering arrival and departure times to avoid crowding
  • Working back to back, side to side or with protective screens where needed
  • Respecting one-way flows
  • Minimising movement around the site and the number of people each person has contact with.

Public sector organisations and charities

For example, remotely monitor how well your people are:

  • Managing room and building occupancy levels
  • Managing client or student flows around the site, including safe use of stairs and lifts
  • Maximising ventilation (such as windows and non-fire doors)
  • Staggering and organising break times to enable regular hand-washing without crowding
  • Ensuring equipment is cleaned before each use, or stored for at least 72 hours before re-use.

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